The flower is one of the good vibes for your marriage. Blooming flowers are your kind of thing. When you are wearing the flower will make your man speechless. Those flowers are always a classic thing to have on your special day. When you walk down the aisle, the flower’s fragrance will make the place more bloomy. Natures are always carrying the beauty on their own, and there is no chance of missing anything. Read More

As a couple, music’s are an important thing to reflect both of you and the type of wedding you arranged. Music will help you live the moment, which is the biggest part ever of your life. Here you will see the guide to wedding music genres. Three segments are there for a perfect evening for music: cocktail hours, the second is dinner service, and the last one is a dance party. Read More

Wedding dessert is one of the most recognisable traditions in modern wedding culture. The best alternative for wedding cakes is obviously wedding dessert. Most people may think when it comes to dessert, there are only a few to serve. But you are entirely wrong. There are so many different types of the dessert are available all around the world. Just think there different traditions available all over the world. Read More

Choosing the colour of the bridesmaid’s dress is almost like making a critical decision. This is because their dress colour is the main thing that will set the overall feel and look for your whole wedding day. Some people are good enough to choose their dress type and colour, but some really struggle to select a suitable colour. They feel very tough in the selection process. Read More