Choosing the colour of the bridesmaid’s dress is almost like making a critical decision. This is because their dress colour is the main thing that will set the overall feel and look for your whole wedding day. Some people are good enough to choose their dress type and colour, but some really struggle to select a suitable colour. They feel very tough in the selection process. This article will explain some factors that will be helpful for you in choosing the colour palette for bridesmaid dresses.

Think about your wedding theme

Thinking about your wedding theme is not mandatory, but it will help you in choosing the colour. You can at least reject some colours based on your theme. For example, if you select a bold or bright colour will not give a perfect look. So before selecting the bridesmaid’s dress color, think about the theme of your wedding.

body shape of bridesmaids

Consider the venue of your wedding

Just think about how your venue looks like if it is light or dark in airy or ambience like in the room. You can ho for modern style costume in the case of contemporary reception that will match bridesmaid dressed and skin colour. If it is a luxurious and grand venue, you can prefer long and formal gowns with some royal look and colour.

Even in some cases, you can include many different colours in your venue, which will suit brides and bridesmaid dress colour. You can add colour to your venue through the use of decor, flowers, the colour of the ribbons you use on the chairs and other properties and also through candy buffet tables etc.

Look at the skin colour and body shape of your bridesmaids

Considering this factor while selecting the bridesmaid dress is very important. This is because other than venue or theme, first, it should properly match the person who is wearing this. One if all other things get matched and if it is not matched to the person wearing, and then the entire story will flop. Then the other factor is the dress should properly fit the bridesmaid. Mostly the flattering bridesmaid dress colors will match for all type of skin tone.

Consider about the season

The dress you are selecting should be very comfortable for the person who is wearing it. If not, then the effort all you made will become a waste. So just consider the season of the wedding. If your wedding is during winter the go for the colours like eggplant, dark purple etc.