How do I submit a wedding or styled shoot to you?

That’s easy, head to our submissions page which has all the info you need.

Do you accept engagement shoots?

We have to admit engagement shoots aren’t our favourite unless they have a really good story or something unique about them? If you think this applies to your engagement shoot, then of course we would love to hear from you. For further information take a look at our submissions guidelines or then drop us an email, admin AT DOT com

Can you promote my company or event via your social media?

As you can imagine we receive lots of these requests and it’s simply not possible to say yes to all of them. The only sure fire way to get your company or event promoted on our social media is to become an advertiser. For further information take a look at our advertise page, then drop us an email, admin AT DOT com

How do I become an advertiser?

For more information on how to become an advertiser, take a look at our advertise page, the drop us an email admin AT DOT com

I love your DIY’s but don’t have the time to make them for myself, can I buy them?

Great news! As of June 2015 you can now buy many of our DIY’s.

I have written an article that I think will be suitable for your blog, how do I submit it?

We DO NOT accept guest posts on our blog unless we have specifically requested them. We are passionate about making sure all the content on our blog is unique to us. The only time you will see a guest post on our blog is when we have invited an expert to chat about a certain subject on which we do not have the required knowledge.

I would like to submit a DIY to you?

Ace! Please drop us an email, admin AT DOT com

Can I send you my product in return for a review on your blog?

We DO NOT accept products or books in return for reviews. If you would like to become an advertiser please drop us an email, admin AT DOT com

I would love to chat about potential opportunities to work together?

We love to work with brands on collaborations, please drop us an email, admin AT DOT come (Please note we do not work on a commission basis).

Some of your printables are titled as free but when I click to download, it takes me to a link to buy?

Although we would love to be able to work for free all the time, we are running a business and do need make money in order to keep providing our readers with the fun and creative content they have come to know and love!