Wedding is your most and important happy day in your life. Confetti is made of natural petal flowers and it is decorated by the paper it is biodegradable and eco-friendly. Using wedding confetti is tradition methods. You have to select your confetti according to your wedding theme. This is done when couples leave the reception place and they get into the honeymoon and they stay and party with guests. Here are some list of pros and cons of using wedding confetti.

Pros of using wedding confetti:

There are many pros for using wedding confetti at the end of leaving. You can create according to your wedding theme. Some of the pros are listed.

throwing confetti

Outlook, variety, prices-It is very affordable on how much you need. If you have any doubt means you can search for wedding confetti ideas and tips. So you don’t want to stress over to find the best confetti. There are many varieties you can see with different colors and textures.

Easy to use and Eco-friendly- It is very easy to use and handle.  They are biodegradable you can also use safely in outdoors. It also safe to use anywhere else then there are no burning involved.

Cons of using wedding confetti:

The idea of throwing confetti at wedding sounds like a great idea and it also have some drawbacks in it.

Nature may not allow for celebrating-If you are going outside for throwing confetti and it’s a windy day then will face a problem. It is super lite weight made with paper so it will go with the air.

It won’t stay for longer-When you throw up quickly then come down so sometimes it will not come down on that moment it will disappear. The initial moment of confetti is not long lasting on excitement.

You have to choose the perfect confetti for your special day. Do search and move to further procedures. If your confetti is beautiful then your day will be special. These are the above details mentioned about the pros and cons of using wedding confetti.