Few people may know about the wedding garter, but most of the people don’t know about the wedding garter and its purpose. The garter is like a band that is worn around the leg by the bride for the wedding. In the olden day, they are worn for the special purpose. But both the groom and bride use this. Now it’s become more fashionable.

What is the tradition behind the wedding garter?

The tradition behind the wedding garter is, the groom tosses the garter once they removed it. Tossing the garter is almost like the bouquet toss by the bride, and the unmarried ladies compete to catch it. Likewise, unmarried men’s will try to catch the garter, which is tossed by the groom.

catch the garter

What wedding garter symbolize?

It mainly symbolism of the garter toss is that whoever catches the garter and bouquet will normally find the love soon, or they tie the next knot. Few people may consider this as a funny and cute movement as a part of the entertainment. There are few who consider this as some formality at the end of the wedding. Mostly the extended history of the tradition is even more complicated. And also some think like garters of the bride as a token of good luck.

In which leg the garter worn on?

There are no rules like you need to worn the garter only on the particular leg. You can put the garter on any legs as per your comfort. Also, there is good and bad sign based on the leg you worn. It’s not about the leg, but it’s about the place in your leg. Generally, brides wear garters above the knee. This is the narrowest part of your leg. If you wore the garter on that part, you wouldn’t feel rub while walking or dancing.

Different types of garter

There are many types of garter available, like hanky panky, knot shop, moonshine belle, Nestina etc. You choose them as per your wish and budget plan. The cost of the garter may vary based on the work on the garter.