Some people may feel getting a spray tan is very important. That too during their wedding stage, everyone will be more conscious about their look. Here are some important tips on getting a spray tan for a wedding.

Work with a spray

Every spray tan artist is unique. Only some spray tan artist will customize your colour to your unique skin tone. To find the perfect colour, a skilled spray tan artist will provide an even application of a consistent colour. It is important to pay for the quality experience and result of the wedding spray tan.

take care of your skin

Have a trial

After finding the spray tan artist, it is an important tip to have a spray tan trial for your wedding. It is important to have a trial before a big day so that you get the right colour and make a work with the artist to perfect your colour and ask any queries you have before the wedding. It is important to have a self tan before your wedding day. This preparation will help make you feel more confident.

Avoid lotions, makeup or perfume

You can also organize the event such as bridal spray tan shows, and avoid wearing perfumes on the spray tan. Some perfumes could irritate your skin and interfere with tanning solution even if you cleaned. Prepare your skin free from deodorant, makeup, moisturizer and any other lotion sp. This can turn the tanning solution green. Take a cold shower, avoid hot water strips your tan off quickly.

Take care of your skin

Don’t shave or wax your body is not recommended 24 hours after your spray tan.

If you plan to shave, do it before you go to your spay appointment. Wax in 24 hours will remove your tan. Avoid physical activities like exercise, playing sports, going to the gym until your first show since getting your spray and developing of your tan.