As a couple, music’s are an important thing to reflect both of you and the type of wedding you arranged. Music will help you live the moment, which is the biggest part ever of your life. Here you will see the guide to wedding music genres. Three segments are there for a perfect evening for music: cocktail hours, the second is dinner service, and the last one is a dance party.

Music in the Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour is the playtime for your favourite songs. Normal jazz songs will be okay, and that is not the rule or trend to follow. Any music will go with the flow, but rock music might disturb the conversation when you are playing. You can play the eighties or nineties, and the wedding ceremony music choice is yours.

Dinner Service Collections

For dinner time, the instrumental music will be opting to have a conversation with each other. Once the dinner service begins, you can consider adding more rock music or upbeat songs to entertain the guest and make them enjoy the moment.

Dancing Time

That is the time for hero and heroine, and you cannot break the tradition. Songs for wedding ceremony needs to be joyful for the guests too. So the couple has to come and dance in the wedding dress. When that completed, the guests can join them and hit the dance floor. If you have your wedding DJ, they will take care of the playlist. In case you have the collection to play, they will rock your evening. Better let the pros take care, and the professional DJ will read the flow of the crowd. You can ready the playlist with a different kind of music and let the party leads to the night.

wedding night

Complete your wedding night with the high note

An unforgettable wedding reception will not end with a perfect dance. A skilled wedding DJ will make the last song to reach the extraordinary level of the night. The last song of the party needs to be decided first that is the best option for you to finish the special night more enthusiastic and energetic. You can make the guests they need more fun.

Slow and Sing-along songs

After a long time of partying, everybody will get tired, so slow songs will give them time to rest. Songs should be known by everyone so that all can enjoy the time together. Playing the groups favourite music is an important way to finish the party. This one needs to be a favour to the small ones.