Wedding dessert is one of the most recognisable traditions in modern wedding culture. The best alternative for wedding cakes is obviously wedding dessert. Most people may think when it comes to dessert, there are only a few to serve. But you are entirely wrong. There are so many different types of the dessert are available all around the world. Just think there different traditions available all over the world. Everyone will have their unique and special dessert items. Now just think, is there only a few desserts? No right. But you may think where I can find all those different items? Don’t worry. This article will offer you plenty of wedding dessert ideas to serve for your relative and friends. Continue reading to gain more ideas.


Delicious wedding dessert bars are becoming more popular among people in recent days. S’mores are the ultimate winter wedding dessert bar that includes different flavoured graham crackers and different kinds of chocolates. Also, gourmet marshmallows are used to dress up this childhood favourite. S’mores are always added to the menu list of most of the events, which gives a more delicious and enjoyable experience.

Caramel apple bar

This is a healthy treat for any weddings which is very sweet and fruitful. For autumn celebrations, caramel apple bar are the best choice. This caramel apple bar reminds you of sweater weather. Some may also sprinkle some chocolates, mini marshmallows, nuts and graham crackers at the top layer of the apple. Caramel apple is one of the most delicious wedding dessert bars.

Snow-covered delicious chocolate strawberries

Snow-covered chocolate strawberries are always a popular dessert that invokes the feelings of love and romance in your celebration. They prepare this by dipping the strawberries into white chocolate, and they ended up with a sprinkling of edible glitter to give a perfect snowy treat.

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Hot chocolate with heart-shaped marshmallows

The heart is the best-known symbol of love; likewise, nothing can expose a beautiful love than heart-shaped marshmallows. To warm your guest in the winter wedding, you can offer this hot chocolate bar with heart-shaped marshmallows. This will be the best winter wedding treat when it is finished with topping some chocolate, whipped cream and some caramel syrup. Hot chocolate with heart-shaped marshmallows is the best ideas for your wedding dessert to increase the love and bond among your relations.

Brownies with Santa hat

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not but these Santa hat brownies are just simply adorable. Strawberries and whipped cream make these little brownies as a perfect wedding dessert. To add an extra layer of texture and flavour, whipped cream can be replaced with cheesecake filling.